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Talal Louai, 11, packs charcoal into two kilo bags at a coal shop in Bebnine. Talal is from Homs (Syria) and was smuggled by car to Lebanon in May 2013 with his family, they live in a tented settlement behind the shops where he works. Talal has two jobs, one is in a charcoal shop where he breaks apart charcoal before weighing and bagging it. The other is in a grocer's store where his duties consist of cleaning and sorting produce, and weighing, bagging and carrying it for customers. He works when he is needed by his employers and earns GBP 0.45 per hour. In Syria Talal was top of his class and a year ahead of his contemporaries. He says, 'I miss school, especially science, I want to be a surgeon. I am very bored here, I want to go back to Syria so I can go to school. If there was school tomorrow I would stop work.' Despite missing home and school Talal has embraced his new role as his family's provider, he adds, 'My parents didn't want me to work but I said, 'I want to work to help you and bring in money so we can live.' If I didn't work my family would have no food, I feel happy and proud.'