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Sister Maria Concetta, 80, visits mothers and infants in the maternity ward of the hospital operated by her order in Zongo. The sister arrived Congo in 1959 and says, 'I was in Congo for the country's independence.' Since 1984 she has worked in Zongo. 'It's the third time we are helping refugees here because of political complications in Bangui. We have always welcomed refugees. This year we’ll even have three in our technical school.' Conflict in CAR has caused more than a million people to flee their homes, one-quarter of them crossing an international border in their search for safety. Inter-communal violence between Christians and Muslims in CAR has further complicated the situation, for both those still inside the country, and for refugees abroad. 'We interact very well with the Muslim community here. We know each other very well. When we have events bringing together the different religions, the Imam always comes to the events,' she recalls.