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Anna (21) and Zaidi (2) in the mother and baby room in a nutrition clinic, run by NGO Concern, in Protection of Civilians (PoC) camp 1. Anna has been in the camp since 2013 and Zaidi was born there. Anna had to flee her home because of the war. She came to the camp with a relative, but had to leave when she fell pregnant as here, you have to be married in order to have a child. Now, they live together and Anna says ''We have fun together, we laugh together.'' However, Zaidi has been treated at the clinic for malnourishment more than once and her mother says: ''Without Concern, she would have died. Concern is doing a very good job for the children.'' Anna is worried about what lies ahead saying ''I don't have hopes for the future because of the war. People are dying, from war and hunger. We don't have any food.'' When Anna was at the clinic, the last time Zaidi was sick, she says she told people there ''I hoped she'd die quickly so she could be free.'' However, now Zaidi is getting better and they want to go home. Anna also wants to go back to school, but because she has no one supporting her, she can't.