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© Jan Banning / Panos Pictures..Between 1961 and 1971, US troops sprayed 72 million litres of herbicides over ± 10% of the surface of South Vietnam - 51 million of this was Agent Orange, containing a total of 170 kilos of 2,3,7,8-T4CDD (dioxin)..Laboratory tests led to the conclusion that dioxin can lead to birth defects and genetic damage in animals. Vietnamese and other researchers found higher rates of congenitally malformed babies among people who have been sprayed with this defoliant..Cam Lo district (Quang Tri province) just south of the former North-South border is one of the heavily sprayed areas. .Tran Dinh Ca (boy, 6, centre) is a possible victim. The other 2 children of farmers Tran Dinh Hieu (father, 30) and Thai Thi Thuc (mother, 28) - Tran Thi Sau (girl, 5, right) and Tran Dinh Quyen (boy, 3, left) are OK. The mother: "Ca can't understand, speak, hear nor walk or stand. He can't eat by himself. He just lies in bed all the time. Ca has no feeling of pain, or cold and heat. He just shales his head and grinds his teeth all the time. He doesn't react to noise, and his hands and legs are always in slight convulsions." They live in Cam Hieu commune (Cam Lo).