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Lynn Ballingall, 23, church adminstrator from Glasgow. <br />
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'I love it- I have blonde and brunette and ginger hairs. You get the best of all three in one.'<br />
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'I don’t think I am unique or special. Hairdressers love my hair, as do the older generation, they always ask if I dye it and when I say no they say, 'Dont ever dye it!''.<br />
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'My mum was told that gingers can get away with wearing any colour. They just can’t wear grey.'<br />
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'When I travel I get a lot of stares. In Bangladesh everyone thought it was my birthday. I visited a clinic and a man (with hair dyed) shouted 'birthday? birthday?'. They dyed their hair on their birthday.'<br />
'You feel solidarity with other gingers but probably because it looks nice.'