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Zainab, 25, Hana, 14, and Sana, 34, at a school which is now being used to house IDPs. They arrived the day before from Mawli, west of Mosul, straight from the battle. <br />
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'There was fighting and bombing between the Hashed (Shiite militias) and the ISF (Iraqi security forces) military and ISIS and we were caught in the middle. The Iraqi military surrounded our area and we were stuck in the middle of the fighting for three days. We made our food last and we didn't even turn a light on or let our kids cry. When we escaped we didn't bring anything. We used a white flag to come out of our house when the military were outside. We have our own car but the men went in the truck to be be scanned. They didn't scan us. We need nappies and sanitary towels. My son is disabled and needs urgent assistance.'