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A drug addicted jade miner dozes in a chair after injecting himself with heroin at a 'shooting gallery' in front of a mining company's compound in Seik Mu (Sai Taung). Heroin is almost openly available in Hpakant with miners lining up for a shot which is as cheap as 2,000 Kyat (about USD 2.00). Drug-use is almost intrinsic to jade mining and these 'shooting galleries' operate openly at the mine sites. According to local community leaders, the drug-dealers selling at jade mines and nearby villages have been given the opportunity to operate with the connivence of local authorities who, in turn, receive regular bribes from the dealers. However, local communities have also opposed this practice, cracking down on the 'shooting galleries' with the help of religious leaders and volunteer-based public forces as part of a movement called 'Pat-Ja-San' in the Kachin language.