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Sefura lives in the Aqa Ali Shams district of Kabul. "The Taliban killed my husband in 2001. He was in the military. I have four daughters and two sons. The sons work pushing carts and selling vegetables. I cannot do heavy work, as I am ill. Five months after I was widowed, my daughter was engaged. When she was 16, she disappeared. I do not know what happened to her. The family of her fiance was furious. They demanded two daughters in her place and forced two of my daughters to marry. There was nothing I could do. If my husband had not died, we could have looked after our first daughter better so she would not have disappeared. He could have protected us. It is because I am a widow that all these things have happened. We face so many problems without a man to support us. My uncle lets us live in this room in his house, but my sons cannot go to school because they must work to get money for us. I wash clothes and cook but I cant do heavy work. My husband's family do not support me. They did not even help me to fetch my husband's body, I had to do that alone. I have received food from [NGO] CARE for eight years. The food is so important to us. When I get this I know that my children will eat today. Especially the wheat - that is so important as wheat has become expensive. CARE has told me about the shura, where I can learn my rights and solve some of my problems. I would like to join the shura, perhaps it can help me with my mental health. Being at home all day, helpless, is hard. It will be good for me to meet with other women who share my problems and can help me to solve them." .