The Never-Ending War by Martin Roemers

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Adriaan Wiskerke (born 1918), a Dutch veteran of World War II (WW2). ."From the gunboat Johan Maurits van Nassau, we took out German guns on the Afsluitdijk.  When the Netherlands capitulated, we sailed to England.  The barber and I had to take soundings, in other words measure the depth of the water.  I saw a plane flying very low towards us, but I just thought: 'hey, there's a plane'. That plane dropped two bombs that hit our ship. The barber ran off. I carried on sounding on my own. Then I saw the plane coming back and I shouted: 'That's not fair!' Because he'd already bombed us once."."I just carried on sounding.  It didn't matter that we were being shot at.  Not because I was being brave, but I'd been ordered to do something so I had to do it.  That's all there is to it.  Our ship caught fire and sank.  I suffered burns and I'll be getting a medal for that soon.  I live in the Bronbeek Military Home, where lots of veterans wear medals and decorations. Now I'm getting one too."... CHECK with MRM/FNA