The Eyes of War by Martin Roemers

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Ingelore Ziermann (b. Germany, 1924), blinded during the Second World War (WWII). "The Hitler Youth was fun. I joined up when I was ten years old. There was an.atmosphere of solidarity. There was no egoism like you see with today's youth, we took care of each other. We were very well organised, everybody knew what to do. I organised sports events. We always believed that our soldiers would win the war but most of us were not into politics. In October 1944 the Hitler Youth sent me to a Wehrmacht field hospital. I had to wash and shave wounded soldiers. In January 1945 the Russians came close and we were evacuated to Stettin. I worked at the train station, helping with the transportation of Germans who were on the run from the Russian Army. When it was not safe any more in Stettin, I went to the island of Sohr, where my mother was. We cooked on a.stove which produced a lot of smoke. Soon my eyes started to hurt. The eye doctor told me I had an infection in my eyes and I needed to be treated in a hospital in Hamburg. But Hamburg was being bombed so I could not go there. After the war, I went to an eye clinic but by then it was too late. Ten years later I was completely blind.". CHECK with MRM/FNA