The Eyes of War by Martin Roemers

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Norman Perry (b. UK, 1919), blinded veteran from the Second World War (WWII). "During fighting with the Germans on a battlefield in Libya I got grenade fragments in both my eyes. In 1942, after staying in the hospital, I got transferred to an institute for blinded service men in Cape Town, South Africa. There were six blind people there when i arrived. When I left one year later, there were thirty. After the war I got married. The funny thing is that I still see my wife as an 18-year-old girl. I have never seen my son but in my head, I have an image of him, as I do of everyone else, for that matter. If for example I am standing on a hill with somebody, I ask him to describe everything he sees. Grass, trees, windmills and so on. I also want to know the colour of everything. If something is green, I ask what kind of green - light green, pale green, or another shade. In that way, I fill in the whole picture.". CHECK with MRM/FNA