The Eyes of War by Martin Roemers

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Ron Tingay (b. UK, 1924), blinded veteran from the Second World War (WWII). "I turned my head because I thought that my friend Wally was hit by a Japanese bullet. At that moment, a mortar grenade fell in our trench and I got hit in the face. I have been blind ever since. That was in Mandalay, Burma. I believe in predestination. If you are predestined for something like that, than you will get it. Afterwards, I proceeded against the Armstrong airplane manufacturer. I was not allowed to work there because they didn't hire blind people. I won the trial but I didn't want the job anymore. Other blind men did go to work there. I was a shoemaker for ten years and after that I worked in an ammunition factory. We made test bombs. I now have plastic eyes. They look very real. I was once talking to a woman to whom I told I have artificial eyes. She asked me if I could see well with them. To answer her, I took them out." .. CHECK with MRM/FNA