The Eyes of War by Martin Roemers

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Engelbert Josef Mauss (b. Germany, 1936), blinded during the Second World War (WWII). "During the last days of the war our village was chaotic. There were cases and boxes of ammunition everywhere. At the edge of the woods lay some square boxes. Another kid gave me one such box. Next thing there was a crack and a jet of flames. I screamed. My face and my clothes were burned. I was conscious at the hospital but I couldn't feel my body any more. My left hand was gone and my right underarm was amputated. Next to me lay a baby. I thought that a stork had brought it. Then a grenade hit the hospital. The windows burst and the splinters hit my face. The baby was fine. Later in my life, I became a lawyer. I am now retired but active. I am the chairman of the Blind Persons Without Hands group, a part of the Association of War Blinded People." CHECK with MRM/FNA