Syria's Exodus by Mads Nissen

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27 year old Jalal Ahmed Aziza with his son, daughter and pregnant wife in a 10m2 room they live in at the Cyber City Refugee Camp. This former electronics factory has been turned into a refugee camp for displaced Syrians, mostly of Palestinian origin. The six floor building is home to about 500 refugees. They are from Dera in Syria but have been living here for 2 years. He says that he was imprisoned for 60 days, for supporting the revolution, until his father managed to get him out by paying 5000 USD, after that he fled to Jordan and ended up here. He says he hates the place and despite the obvious danger he talks about going back to Syria to fight with the FSA. Approximately two million people have fled the conflict in Syria since it began in 2011, with nearly half a million in Jordan.