Sierra Leone: Incarcerated in Freetown by Fernando Moleres

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Juveniles in the Pademba Central Prison. None of these children received legal assistance at trial, nor have they been allowed to receive any family visits. Left: 16 year old Manyu Dalami, accused of stealing  100,000 leones (25 Euros). Trial without  prosecution witnesses or incriminating evidence. Sentenced to three years in 2008. His parents do not know that he  is in prison. Left center: 17 year old Cago Ibrahim, accused of theft, sentenced to two years in prison. Centre: 17 year old Lebbise Steven, accused of stealing two sheep and sentenced to three years. He died in prison in spring 2010. Center-right: Mohamed Musa, orphan, accused by his uncle, with whom he lived, for the theft of 10 gallons of palm oil. He was sentenced to two years in prison. Right: Aruna Mahi, age unknown. He has two cases pending. For the first he has been sentenced to six years, for the other case has not yet been to trial. .