Scotland: Gingers by Kieran Dodds

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Louise Brennan, 25, stay at home mother, from Edinburgh.<br />
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'One other girl and one boy out of 80 at school [are ginger]. I was never bullied for it.'<br />
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'I can be very mellow and rational. My sister can be fiery too and she doesn't have red hair. People with ginger need more anaesthetic but I had a baby and it was pretty sore but I could deal with it. I do have a good threshold for pain with gas and air.' <br />
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'People asked if Martha [my daughter] will have red hair, people kept saying that, I think they meant it in a nice way. It's so rare and my husband is English and its more unique. Martha doesn't have any.'  <br />
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'Either you’ve got it or you don’t.'