Scotland: Gingers by Kieran Dodds

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Amy Howard, 34, mum of twins, from Edinburgh.<br />
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'The boys have dodged the ginger bullet. I grew up in England but now I feel its part of my identity. My hair has not been as red since I dyed it at school. I was blonde for a long time then black. It's not as red as it was.' <br />
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In one class photo there was a bright orange curtain and it was lucky I wasn't on the back row or I would have been camouflaged. It's water off a duck's back today because of the bullies.'<br />
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'My rebellious post school anti-parent thing was to go blonde… I needed to use bleach which made it go curly. It takes a lot of bleach to dye red hair.'<br />
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'The boys are very blonde so I wonder if there is some scandinavian blood. Dad and granny was strawberry blonde. When I came back to Scotland I was 21 and blonde. The wonderful thing about living here is it makes me feel more Scottish.'