Scotland: Gingers by Kieran Dodds

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Dave Revie, 43, charity worker, from Glasgow.<br />
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'Most of the taunting I received was from myself. I felt I was a minority and never much liked the texture - would have preferred straight black hair. <br />
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'I only got comfortable with it when I started losing it! Not the colour, more the texture.' <br />
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'People usually say fiery temper but [I've] always really been the opposite, level headed and calm and friendly. My experience is most red heads are quite placid, keeping their heads below the parapet. Part of me likes being the centre of attention and I am comfortable with that but I had low self esteem when I was young.'<br />
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'It's quite Scottish, with caveman roots, I have naturally been good at sport. Maybe there’s a connection between caveman strength and natural athletic ability. I even have the features and the brow! I didn't do to well with women because of red hair. Can I go out with a ginger?  A lot of red-headed women are gorgeous but I’d be selfconscious about it. My girlfriend isn't ginger.'<br />
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'I have been all over the world playing golf and I appreciate people over there liking my pale skin. Red heads are a speciality human.'