Colombia, Cocaine and the Lost War by Mads Nissen

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Cocaine smuggler's submarines, seized by police and kept at the Bahia Malaga navy base. Most 'narco-submarines' carry between five and seven tons of cocaine and take a crew of three to six people. They take about two weeks to reach the shores of Mexico where the cocaine will be repacked and smuggled to US or Europe. <br />
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As the surveillance and radar-systems of the Colombian and US costal guards are improving, the drug-smugglers are constantly improvising too. The so-called 'narco-submarines' became known to the public in the late 1980s and have since become more and more sophisticated. Some are actual submarines that will navigate well below sea level, and some are semi-submersible vessels that are mostly covered by water, but with the cockpit above sea level to secure navigation and fresh air for the crew.